The Future of online customer experience : it looks customized, aggregated, relevant and social

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24514‎$a‎The Future of online customer experience‎$b‎ : it looks customized, aggregated, relevant and social‎$c‎by Moira Dorsey... [et al.]
260  ‎$a‎Cambridge‎$b‎Forrester Research‎$c‎2010
4900 ‎$a‎For customer experience professionals
520  ‎$a‎Forrester believes that four attributes will characterize the next phase of development of the Web. Online experiences will be: customized by the end user, aggregated at the point of use, relevant to the moment, and social as a rule, not an exception. In this report, we highlight companies that are providing online experiences that already exhibit one or more of these characteristics. To prepare for the future, customer experience professionals should develop multichannel personas, include social media behaviors in ethnographic research, prepare atomized content, establish an environment for testing new experiences, and seek out highly skilled interaction designers
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