Market for motor third party liability insurance in selected countries of South East Europe

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<title>Market for motor third party liability insurance in selected countries of South East Europe</title>
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<abstract>The market for motor third party liability (MTPL) insurance in the total structure of the insurance markets in SEE countries is the most important line of business. It should be noted that there is growth in MTPL policies sold, where most of the countries have also growth in their GWPs and positive combined ratios. The biggest challenge for the future development of the MTPL is the current liberalization of MTPL in the case of Croatia and Albania, as well as the preparation of the other countries for the liberalization process. In order to provide quality actuarial-statistical analyses of the MTPL market, which may be internationally comparable, the reporting system should be strengthened. Also, the regulatory bodies play the key role in ensuring the level of allocated technical provisions, adequately forming the MTPL tariffs in terms of regulated prices, as well as providing quality reinsurance and effective supervision</abstract>
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