Strategy in action : drawing on Bergson to combat strategic inaction

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24510‎$a‎Strategy in action‎$b‎: drawing on Bergson to combat strategic inaction‎$c‎Paulo Morgado
260  ‎$a‎Madrid‎$b‎McGraw-Hill‎$c‎2017
300  ‎$a‎210 p.‎$c‎21 cm
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520  ‎$a‎This book, which resulted from the researcher's Master's dissertation in the philosophy of language, allowed an interest to develop in studying both the chasm and the link between thinking and acting, and particularly allowed an interest in the work of Henri Bergson to ripen. In the literature review, after an overview of the framework, the bulk of the chapter concentrates on elucidating intuition and duration, in order to frame the empirical exploration of these two concepts in strategic practice
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