Cyberspace in the current security environment

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      <subfield code="a">Diego James Cano Prentice</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Cyberspace in the current security environment</subfield>
      <subfield code="c">Diego James Cano Prentice</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Cyber is a newcomer to humankind's long history of warfare, yet most countries have been quick to recognise it militarily. Cyber appears in several military strategic concepts, it is considered as a domain of operations by NATO and the U.S., and several countries have created a dedicated cyber combatant command. This essay sets out to offer a brief account of cyberspace's evolution, significance and direction in political-military thought.</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Ciberataques</subfield>
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      <subfield code="a">Riesgo informático</subfield>
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      <subfield code="t">Actuarios</subfield>
      <subfield code="d">Madrid : Instituto de Actuarios Españoles, 1990</subfield>
      <subfield code="g">01/05/2021 Número 48 - mayo 2021 , p. 26-27</subfield>
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