Analysis of community-owned mutual insurers' prospects of development in CEE countries : Outlining research agenda

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24510‎$a‎Analysis of community-owned mutual insurers' prospects of development in CEE countries‎$b‎: Outlining research agenda‎$c‎Jaksa Kristo, Antti Talonen, Hrvoje Paukovic
520  ‎$a‎The aim of the article is to discuss the development of prospects of mutual insurers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) countries and outline a possible research agenda for understanding their development direction in these countries. This has been achieved by exploring and identifying reasons behind community-owned mutual insurers' underdevelopment and potential for future development through analysis of 24 interviews that included representatives from three stakeholder groups: supervisory authorities, insurance industry associations, and academics. Respondents were located in eight CEE countries: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. Results of the study explaining mutual insurers' current underdevelopment and the potential for future development form four categories: citizens as consumers; mutual insurer's organizational characteristics and management; the impact of regulation; and society at large. Based on the results, in the article, we envision and point out several research approaches, perspectives of development, and directions that should be considered further by the scholars in the future.
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7730 ‎$w‎MAP20077001748‎$g‎20/09/2021 Tomo 24 Número 3 - 2021 , p. 243-261‎$x‎1098-1616‎$t‎Risk management & insurance review‎$d‎Malden, MA : The American Risk and Insurance Association by Blackwell Publishing, 1999-