Innovative practices for knowledge sharing in large-scale DevOps

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Title: Innovative practices for knowledge sharing in large-scale DevOps / Aymeric Hemon...[et al.]
Notes: Sumario: Agile development methods and DevOps require adaptation during implementation to meet the needs of a constantly changing software development environment. The emergence of knowledge-sharing practices for large-scale DevOps has not been the subject of much research. Our in-depth case study, comprising 106 interviews at a large multinational company operating in a DevOps at scale environment, identified a number of innovative practices which had emerged, principally to resolve knowledge-sharing challenges. These practices seem to be more likely to emerge in large-scale DevOps environments. While similar results might have been achieved due to the large-scale nature of the projects, it is difficult to determine definitively whether the main causal factor is project size or DevOps. We believe that self-organization and continuous improvement over a long period of time are also critical influencing factorsRelated records: En: IEEE Software.- New York : IEEE Computer Society. - vol. 37, nº 3, 2019 ; p. 30-37Materia / lugar / evento: Metodologías DevOps Arquitectura de software Metodología Agile Mejora continua Compartir datos Other authors: Hemon, Aymeric
IEEE Computer Society
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