Assessment of DevOps maturity in software development organisations : an practitioners Perspective

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24500‎$a‎Assessment of DevOps maturity in software development organisations‎$b‎: an practitioners Perspective‎$c‎Ankur Kumar, Mohammad Nadeem, Mohammad Shameem
520  ‎$a‎Currently, the software development organizations are adopting DevOps practices in order to develop quality product. Due to the lack of definition of DevOps, the principles, practices, and methods adopted in DevOps to determine success have changed substantially. There are several benefits of DevOps can be achieved if the DevOps practices are implemented effectively and efficiently. This study has been conducted to identify the DevOps practices that contribute to achieve a high level of DevOps. The qualitative and interpretive approach have been used for analyzing the HELENA2 dataset. The maturity is calculated using 36 DevOps practices based on the four different classifications: (1) rarely used DevOps, (2) sometimes used DevOps, (3) often used DevOps, and (4) always used DevOps with the help of degrees of addressing 18 goals. The maturity score for the different categories indicates that organizations that use DevOps always are more mature to achieve goals than organizations that use it rarely
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7112 ‎$0‎MAPA20220007795‎$a‎DevOps Quality Management 2022 - EASE 2022‎$d‎13- 5 June 2022‎$c‎Göteborg, Sweden
7730 ‎$t‎DevOps Quality Management 2022 - EASE 2022.- 13- 5 June 2022, Göteborg, Sweden