Slings and errors

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Title: Slings and errors / by James W. LaheyAuthor: Lahey, James W.
Notes: Sumario: Slings of all types are built to be tough and to survive operator error. But the smart safety specialist will know how to avoid errors and make sure that operators do the avoiding. Proper selection and care of slings, chains and ropes will help prevent the three materials handling "tools" from being the weakest link in moving and hoisting operationsRelated records: En: National safety news. - Chicago. - Vol. 125, nº 2, February 1982 ; p. 53-56Materia / lugar / evento: Seguridad e higiene en el trabajo Grúas Cables de metal Elevadores Accidentes de trabajo Prevención de accidentes Ensayos de materiales Resistencia de materiales Guías Secondary titles: Título: National safety news
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