Posture, discomfort and performance in a VDT task

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Title: Posture, discomfort and performance in a VDT task / M.-H. Liao and C. G. DruryAuthor: Liao, M.-H.
Notes: Improvements in workplace, working posture, and discomfort need to be justified in terms of improvements in performance. Previously, a visual inspection task has been investigated. The objective of the current study was to demonstrate the interactions between workplace, work duration, discomfort, working posture, as well as performance in a 2-h typing task. The results indicate that the hypothesized posture-comfort-performance interrelationships were partially supported. Keyboard height had effects on working posture adopted. As in previous studies, the rate of postural shift was a good indication of discomfort in a VDT task. Discomfort and postural shift rate has adverse effects on performance (e.g. error rate). However, these effects on error rate not be strong.Related records: En: Ergonomics. - London [etc.]. - Vol. 43 nº 3, March 2000 ; p. 345-359Materia / lugar / evento: Ergonomía Postura Teclados Confortabilidad Análisis de puestos de trabajo Posiciones de trabajo Pantallas de visualización de datos Other authors: Drury, C. G.
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