The Determinants of enterprise risk management : evidence from the appointment of chief risk officers

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1001 ‎$0‎MAPA20080267391‎$a‎Liebenberg, André P.
24514‎$a‎The Determinants of enterprise risk management‎$b‎: evidence from the appointment of chief risk officers‎$c‎André P. Liebenberg and Robert E. Hoyt
5208 ‎$a‎This study provides an initial attempt to identify the determinants of EMR (Enterprise Risk Management) adoption. Our empirical results suggest an absence of systematic differences between firms that signal their use of EMR by appointing a CRO (Chief Risk Officer) and firms of a similar size and industry afiliation
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7001 ‎$0‎MAPA20080134860‎$a‎Hoyt, Robert E.
7400 ‎$a‎Risk management and insurance review
7730 ‎$t‎Risk management and insurance review‎$d‎New York : The American Risk and Insurance Association‎$g‎Vol. 6, nº 1 Spring 2003 ; p. 37-52