Pure versus mutual health insurance : evidence from Swedish historical data

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1001 ‎$0‎MAPA20080030445‎$a‎Nekby, Lena
24510‎$a‎Pure versus mutual health insurance‎$b‎: evidence from Swedish historical data‎$c‎Lena Nekby
5208 ‎$a‎Using data from voluntary health insurance societies 1902-1910, this article analyzes coexistence of pure and mutual insurance societies where pure societies are characterized by charging an ex ante premiums only while mutuals in addition charge ex post assessments. On average, mutual insurance societies are found to be larger and to offer greater insurance coverage per member. Pure insurance societies have, on average, higher insurance coverage per day, greater mean levels of moral hazard controls , a higher mean number of policy categories, and greater longevity
65011‎$0‎MAPA20080611651‎$a‎Mutualidades de seguros
65011‎$0‎MAPA20080598983‎$a‎Seguro de enfermedad
7404 ‎$a‎The Journal of risk and insurance
7730 ‎$t‎The Journal of risk and insurance‎$d‎Orlando‎$g‎Volume 71, number 1, March 2004 ; p. 115-134