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Publicacion: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Número 3 - abril 2020



Title Author Pages
Progress and privacy : [Interview to] Carly Kind, director of The Ada Lovelace Institute Seekings, Chris p. 14-16
Quantifying coronavirus Edwards, Matthew p. 17-19
No half measures Djarlijeva, Elena p. 20-21
Across the party line Mitchell-Wallace, Kirsten p. 22-23
Stormy forecast Papachristou, Dimitris p. 24-27
The Silent treatment Cartagena, Simon p. 28-30
Setting clear expectations Moore, Peter p. 32-33
Out of the moral maze Hellig, Pamela p. 34-35
Before the impact Skees, Jerry p. 38-39
The Doctor in the data Zabój, Maciej p. 40