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Publicacion: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Número 6 - julio 2020



Title Author Pages
Leading into tomorrow : [Interview to] Tan Suee Chieh, president of the IFoA Georgescu, Dan p. 12-14
Uncharted territory Bayliss, John p. 16-17
Model behaviour Forrest, Alan p. 18-19
Glancing back Popescu, Radu p. 20-22
Algorithmic trading Xu, Jing p. 24-27
Joining the dots Kelliher, Patrick p. 28-29
Pieces of the puzzle Smietanka, Matgorzata p. 30-31
What are you grouping for? Hu, Sen p. 32-33
Action on insurtech Plowman, Ed p. 34-35
Around the block Popovic, Darko p. 38-40