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Publicacion: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Número 8 - septiembre 2020



Title Author Pages
The Pension innovator : [Interview to] Per Linnemann, former chief actuary of the Danish Insurance Supervisory Authority Hyams, Stephen p. 12-14
Investing in the future Lewin, Chris p. 16-19
Solid investments Bhagwan, Shalin p. 20-21
Prepare for impact Sharpe, James p. 22-25
Imperfect numbers Behari Maheshwari, Kunj p. 27-29
Into perspective Wasserman, Simon p. 30-31
Shoring up defences Carr, Niamh p. 32-33
Worth the risk Pang, Nicole p. 34-35
Sharpe decision Jiang, Ziling p. 36-37