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Publicacion: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Número 1 - febrero 2021



Title Author Pages
Forging his own path : [Interview to] Iain Allan, actuary in the banking sector Seekings, Chris p. 13-15
A wake-up call Roberts-Sklar, Matt p. 16-18
Volatile allocations Boonen, Tim J. p. 20-23
Stress fractures Wilkin, Sam p. 24-26
Keyboard worriers Ng, John p. 27-29
Split decisions Ayton, Peter p. 30-31
Collective gains Houtekamer, Annette p. 32-33
A buy-in too far Lin, Ren p. 34-35
Filling the niche Kopczyk, Dawid p. 36-37
Winter of discontent Groyer, Adele p. 38-40