Asia insurance review-Número 10 - octubre 2020

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Publication: Asia insurance review

Number: Número 10 - octubre 2020

Type: Normal

Title Author Pages
Perfecting the platform McNamara, Paul p. 10-11
COVID-19 and political risk : fuel to the fire Sadiq, Amir p. 12
Product liability claims and vaccines Khanna, Anoop p. 14-15
Claiming the future Abbas, Ridwan p. 16
Plugging into the telco ecosystem Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 17
Staying healthy during the pandemic Zaki, Ahmad p. 22
Burnishing the brand McNamara, Paul p. 20-21
Closing the protection gap : an opportune time Sadiq, Amir p. 24-25
The Opportunity unfolding in health insurance John, Jimmy p. 26
Preventive medicine : saving money, saving lives Atzmon, Sigal p. 27
Optimism in the face of adversity Zaki, Ahmad p. 28-29
Regulator issues timely guidance Abbas, Ridwan p. 30
Double trouble for Indonesian reinsurers Sadiq, Amir p. 32-33
InsurTechs get great support from regulator McNamara, Paul p. 34-35
General insurers adapt to challenging times Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 36-37
The Only way is up McNamara, Paul p. 40
Japan : the stability of a mature market Sadiq, Amir p. 41
India : the path to resilience Khanna, Anoop p. 42-43
Hong Kong : a future in digital adoption and health Abbas, Ridwan p. 44-45
Philippines : the fight to become more relevant John, Jimmy p. 46
Singapore : pandemic presents new lease of life to insurers Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 48-49
Moving core to cloud p. 50-51
Insurers use tech to navigate post-COVID-19 world p. 52-53
Threat of cyber terrorism to commercial property McNamara, Paul p. 54-55
What climate change means for reinsurance p. 56-57
Emerging risks from the digital realm Zaki, Ahmad p. 60-61
Property risk in a post-pandemic economy p. 62-63
The Geneva Association : from risk transfer to prevention services Flückiger, Isabelle p. 64-65
Existing cyber security concerns grow Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 66-67
Digital health gathers pace Khanna, Anoop p. 68-69