Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial-Volumen 24 Número 67 - febrero 2021

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Publication: Revista Iberoamericana de Inteligencia Artificial

Number: Volumen 24 Número 67 - febrero 2021

Type: Normal

Title Author Pages Contents
Morphological skip-gram : replacing fast text characters n-gram with morphological knowledge Santos, Flavio Arthur O. p. 1-17
A Hybrid bees algorithm with grasshopper optimization algorithm for optimal deployment of wireless sensor networks Deghbouch, Hicham p. 18-35
Calculating the strength of rhetorical arguments in persuasive negotiation dialogues Morveli-Espinoza, Mariela p. 36-39
A Temporal fusion approach for video classifcation with convolutional and LSTM neural networks applied to violence detection Oliveira Lima, Jean Phelipe de p. 40-50
Otimização por enxame de partículas híbrido de duas fases aplicado o problema de layout em linha dupla Lecchi Cravo, Gildásio p. 51-70
A Fuzzy approach for the variable cost and size bin packing Herrera-Franklin, Jorge p. 71-89
Quantum circuit synthesis of Bell and GHZ states Menegasso Pires, Otto p. 90-101
A Transfer Learning-based Approach to Predict the Shelf life of Fruit Bhole, Varsha p. 102-120
Computational model to support the detection of profiles of missing person in Colombia Rolong Agudelo, Gerardo Ernesto p. 121-128
Multiclasificación de arritmias cardíacas usando una red neuronal y la tarjeta MyRio-1900 Flores-Calero, Marco p. 129-146
Design of Ensemble Classifier Model Based on MLP Neural Network For Breast Cancer Diagnosis Rezaeipanah, Amin p. 147-156