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Name Issues First issue Last issue
Name: Journal : The Chartered Insurance Institute Issues: 72 First issue: 01/01/1926 Last issue: 02/03/1999
Name: Journal of Actuarial Practice Issues: 4 First issue: 01/12/2001 Last issue: 01/01/2006
Name: Journal of American insurance Issues: 86 First issue: 01/07/1960 Last issue: 01/12/1990
Name: Journal of Fire Protection Engineering Issues: 12 First issue: 01/01/1989 Last issue: 01/10/1991
Name: The Journal of risk and insurance Issues: 82 First issue: 01/06/1998 Last issue: 01/12/2021
Name: The Journal of the economics of ageing Issues: 3 First issue: 01/02/2021 Last issue: 11/10/2021
Name: Journal of the Institute of Actuaries Issues: