Asia Insurance Review. October 2019

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Asia Insurance Review. October 2019

Sumario: Michael Schwarz: Public private insurance partnerships -does the industry know its clients? -- Marcus Taylor: Principles of insurance - should they evolve and how? -- W Jean Kwon: An innovative use of parametric insurance in takaful -- Anoop Khanna: Traffic violations could lead to spikes in motor insurance premiums -- Mses Mary Kelly, Anne Kleffner and Mr Grant Kelly: An examination of catastrophes, insurance guaranty funds and contagion risk -- Ahmad Zaki: A better tomorrow -- Christie Lee: China to remain driving force behind global non-life insurance premiums -- Anoop Khanna: Greying China and healthcare interventions -- Vincent Liu Liang: China's health insurance: a blue ocean strategy? -- Ahmad Zaki: Keeping up with the new world -- Jeffrey Seow: Strengthening portfolios amid slow market growth -- Brian Colgan and Farzana Ismail: Shariah business in Indonesia: the spin-off dilemma -- Ranamita Chakraborty: Underinsured nation welcomes technology to fill in gaps -- Ahmad Zaki: Adaptable and undaunted -- Paul McNamara: Vitality helps persistency -- Paul McNamara: Defamation capital of the world -- Paul McNamara: More insurance winners from Australia -- Paul McNamara: Improvement in pricing recurrent theme in Monte Carlo -- Ridwan Abbas: Old is gold -- Paul McNamara: The importance of product design in life reinsurance -- Paul McNamara: Supporting insurance through terrorism risk pools -- Scott Hawkins and Matt Daly: Integrating ESG into investment risk management -- Ridwan Abbas: Adjusting investments with new solvency rules -- Jill Hoffman: Positioning yourself for success -- Phil Ratcliff y Brian Wallace: Insurers tap outside-in innovation to engage customers in the digital age -- Shin-Wee Chuang: Do chatbots really work for insurance? -- Nikolas Kairinos: Why AI is the future of the insurance industry? -- Ranamita Chakraborty: Decoding problems for the insurance community

En: Asia insurance review. - Singapore : Ins Communications Pte Ltd., 2009- = ISSN 0218-2696. - 01/10/2019 Número 10 - octubre 2019 , 96 p.

1. Mercado de seguros . 2. Catástrofes naturales . 3. Perspectivas del seguro . 4. Simulación Monte Carlo . 5. Takaful . 6. Envejecimiento de la población . 7. Mercado de reaseguros . 8. Innovación . 9. Inteligencia artificial . 10. Asia . 11. China . 12. Indonesia . 13. Australia . I. Título.