Asia Insurance Review. March 2020

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Título: Asia Insurance Review. March 2020

Contiene: Claims for Jakarta floods are well underway / Ahmad Zaki -- Losses from Taal volcano not expected to impact local insurers severely / Ridwan Abbas -- Autralia´s expanding 'red zone' / Ahmad Zaki -- The new insurance model for India / Jlmmy John -- Paul McNamara -- How the insurance industry in Asia responded to COVID-19 / Ranamita Chakraborty -- Data and its explosive impact on our lives / Daisy Nlng -- The preventative healthcare imperative in Asia / Sigal Atzmon -- Understanding the legacy market in Asia / Ahmad Zaki -- Reassurance on reinsurance / Greg Solomon -- Promoting responsible Al in insurance / Benno Keller -- Country Profile - Malaysia: Changing times; Reaching every life under the Malaysian sun / Raymond Lew; Facing regulatory change and / Emmanuel Nlvet; Leading the line / Amir Sadiq; Marchingon despite setbacks / Mark Lim; A year of developments / Paul McNamara; An increased reliance on digital channels / Ahmad Zaki -- Chinese insurers respond to the COVID-19 outbreak / Vlncent Liu Llang -- COVID-19: Limited impact on Chinese insurers / Anoop Khanna -- The convergence imperative / Chak Kolli -- Receiving claims pay-outs with just a touch / Ranamita Chakraborty -- Blurring the lines between insurance and banking / Ahmad Zaki -- Indian brokers -bumpy road ahead / Anoop Khanna -- Coronavirus increases risks of supply chain disruption / Francoise Huang, Ludovic Subran -- The biggest remate working experiment is now a reality / Roger Steel, Bowie Yeung -- Shattering the 'glass ceiling' / Ranamita Chakraborty

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