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Publicacion: The Actuary : the magazine of the Institute & Faculty of Actuaries

Número 4 - mayo 2020



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Method behind the model : [Interview to] Emily Shuckburgh, climate scientist and mathematician Seekings, Chris p. 12-15
The Co-morbidity question Edwards, Matthew p. 16-19
Modelling minds Trickey, Geoff p. 20-21
A New world order Chamberlain, Alistair p. 22-23
A Fine scale Kulinskaya, Elena p. 24-27
Turning the tables Lewin, Chris p. 28-29
Sustainable investment's : new frontiers Sutcliffe, Gareth p. 30-31
Clarity on climate Bowdrey, Russ p. 32-34
The Art of being an actuary Lewis, Richard p. 38-39