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Número 10 - octubre 2017



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The March of the robots : where are they taking us Booth, Garry p. 14-15
Strong and steady : German reinsurance Hewitt Jones, John p. 16-17
Low Retention rates cushion Q3 cat losses Hewitt Jones, John p. 18-19
Titans push for blockchain adoption Heusner, Michael p. 42-43
CLOs - an insurance investment for all seasons? p. 44-45
Stormy winds ahead Heusner, Michael p. 46-48
The Wings of change... : hurricane losses Munro, Chirstopher p. 49-51
Class dismissed : catastrophe losses Munro, Christopher p. 52-53
Competing with a collective approach : mutual insurance Munro, Christopher p. 54-55
Environmental's silent threat Heusner, Michael p. 56-57
Reinsurers not covering cost of capital Heusner, Michael p. 58-59
Singapore : a gateway to Asia Hewitt Jones, John p. 60-61
Covered agreement signed Heusner, Michael p. 62-63