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Número 9 103 2003



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Managing between a rock and a hard market : the market will make 2003 an attractive time for underwriting, but the investment environment poses real challenges for insurance companies, industry leaders say. Greater financial transparency, rising health...
2002 : insurers deal with a new crisis, old issues P. 22-29
Equity markets hit industry hard
D&O : terms tighten; premiums rise
Medical-Liability rates increase
Rates increase
Terrorism cover challenges remain
Mold still issue for insurers
State farm retrenches
Scoring debate leads to legislation
Workers' comp market in Turmoil
Health-Care inflation grows
Bermuda insurers hold their own
The bumpy route to independence : when insurers divest of their captive agents, custody battles and lawsuits can follow
People to watch in 2003 : the insurance industry is more then companies and numbers. Here are a few of the people likely to affect the course of the industry in the year ahead as well as comments from four of them on turning points that helped them get...
Keating to tackle ACLI initiatives
Facing New Jersey's Auto problems
Prudential's Banta : learning energizes
Safeco's LaRocco keeps his eye on the prize
The write impression : sloppy, murky writing can cost insurers millions in lost productivity and expose them to bad-faith lawsuits
Cleaning up the mud
Tone tips
Getting to the root of the problem : travelers' state-of-the-art high-tech laboratory enables expersts to find the causes of major losses and fraud
Assessing the air in the workplace
Exit lines : Dean R. O'Hare recently stepped down as Chubb's chairman, leaving behind a legacy of global expansion and underwriting profits
Learning through losses : insight : analyzing an account after a large claim can lead to improved underwriting, prevention of more losses and better claims handling
Property/Casualty marketplace
Facing the tough questions : insight : small-business owners increasingly are asking why their premiums keep rising
Loss/Risk Management notes
Changing the answers : insight : the gap between the risk we are taking and the risk we can afford to take may have grown
Resucitating credit life : banks' new debt-protection products have cut into the credit insurance market , but credit insurers are finding ways to cope
Benefits of purchasing a contratual liability policy
Restoring confidence : insight : over time, consistent appropriate behavior will slowly restore investor trust in financial institutions