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Purpose-built insurance : managing risk and building wealth with a self-directed insurance subsidiary

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<title>Purpose-built insurance</title>
<subTitle>: managing risk and building wealth with a self-directed insurance subsidiary</subTitle>
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<namePart>Business Performance Innovation Network</namePart>
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<abstract displayLabel="Summary">The challenge of managing risk can have a significant, even profound, impact on companies of all kinds. Commercial insurance, of course, is one of the most common forms of risk management for businesses. Yet, with commercial insurance costs skyrocketing, many if not all companies cannot afford the optimal amount of insurance protection needed to shield their business and personal assets from unforeseen circumstances. However, for many companies, there's another, more cost-effective and profitable way to use insurance as a risk management tool. They can form their own purposebuilt, self-directed insurance subsidiary and thereby reduce their cost of insurance, expand coverage and generate a new source of capital and wealth. Typically called captive insurance companies, these purpose-built insurance entities are wholly owned subsidiaries created to provide insurance to their parent company. These specialized subsidiaries are a kind of self-insurance in which the insurance provider is owned by the insured company or companies. This strategic brief is an introduction to the concept of purpose-built insurance subsidiaries, or captive insurance, and is designed for mid-sized businesses that may benefit from their creation. The paper was developed by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network in partnership with CapSure Risk LLC, a leading wealth creation and risk mitigation advisory firm that designs and structures purpose-built insurance subsidiaries to protect and grow business value for clients.</abstract>
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