FULLCOVER : SEGUROS & RISCO Número 13 - mayo 2020
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Publicacion: FullCover : seguros & risco

Número 13 - mayo 2020



Título Autor Páginas Conteúdo
Interview with Andreas Berger : a head in Switzerland and a heart in Portugal Borges, Ana Cristina p. 8-25 application/pdf
Risk management after COVID-19 p. 26-30 application/pdf
Memory of insurance : did you know the first insurance treatise was written by a Portuguese citizen? p. 32.38 application/pdf
Collaboration is key Morrissey, Michael p. 40-43 application/pdf
The Future of risk management : with uncertainty, comes opportunity Arsuaga, Juan p. 44-45 application/pdf
Internet of things : a threat to life and property Franklin, James p. 46-47 application/pdf
Combining the power of technology and talent : the alternative disruptor Hearn, Steve p. 48-51 application/pdf
The Many risks of climate change Duarte Santos, Filipe p. 58-59 application/pdf
Climate emergency : a call to action Wengorovius Meneses, João p. 60-63 application/pdf
Climate change a matter of life & health Wilke, Bernd p. 64-67 application/pdf
Liability for climate change in Europe Perner, Stefan p. 68-69 application/pdf
Spanish catastrophic : risk insurance Espejo Gil, Francisco p. 70-73 application/pdf
A Blue carbon future : the power of innovative thinking Scatliffe, Suzanne p. 74-75 application/pdf
Carbon removal and reaching zero emissions Oldham, Steve p. 76-79 application/pdf
Parametric insurance : helping close the protection gap Duesterhaus, Daniel p. 80-81 application/pdf
Smart cities : a holistic approach Salgueiro, Ana p. 82-83 application/pdf
Lisbon 2020 : European green capital Medina, Fernando p. 84-88 application/pdf
The Italian insurance market p. 110-112 application/pdf
The African insurance market : a driving force p. 122-123 application/pdf
Trends in the 2020s Vitorino, Jairson p. 158-159 application/pdf
IDD, preventing a conflict of interest Quer, Françoise Le p. 160-161 application/pdf
Broker beware : a risk management overview Heller, Bennett p. 162-164 application/pdf