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The Changing face of Lloyd's Wharrier, David P. 31-34
A confluence of opportunities in Italy : trends in auto coverage and pension reform have insurers competing with new vigor
France moves forward : the deregulation and privatization of the French insurance markets is nearly complete. Now it must deal with the new competitive world of the European Union
Motoring through Europe : rate deregulation and collapsing national trade barriers have German insurers taking their business on the road
The fleeing is mutual : insurers north of the border are undergoing a wave of demutualization
Captives Unbound : from modest beginnings, alternative risk transfer entities have evolved into one of the leading segments of the international commercial insurance industry
The fourth wave : known first as a captive haven, then as a place where Ace, Exel and the big cats roamed, Bermuda today is multifaceted and extremely adaptable
Barbados broadens its base : new legislation is making the island more hospitable to Canadian and U.S. captives
Foreing insurers venture to Latin America : a faltering social security system and less stringent restrictions on foreing investments have attracted the world's insurance community to Latin America
Negotiating the Asian precipice : insurers who have heavily invested in Asia say the upside remains enormous, but so are the risk
Asia's rough road to recovery : the region's financial crisis creates a grim short-term outlook
Gateway to Asia : foreing insurers are embracing Australia and New Zealand as staging points to the Asian Pacific market
Tsunami or ripple? : a wave of change heads for Japan. Its size and impact are still unknown
Liquidity dominoes : south Korea's unstable long-term saving business is straining liquidity, causing funding dislocation and eroding capital. Turmoil could eventually bring change
Climbing the overseas learning curve : insurance companies that invest in foreing markets and foreing companies should be wary of portfolio surprise
Reading the market : consultants at Stern Stewart want to use economic-value-added and market-value-added measurements to gauge publicly traded insurers
Global issues'98 P. 25-92