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Best's rating changes : abbreviated version of Best's Rating Monitor, contains a compilation of all recent rating realeases plus supporting rationales for theindustry's largest insurance groups
Marking milestones : a survey of the social changes and historical events of the 20th century reveals a parallel timeline of insurance products and trends
Small pain, big gains : smallpox vaccines and other medical advances have led to longer, healthier lives
Global Giants : the world's most prominent insurers at the turn of the 20th century had established such a foothold that 100 years later they are still among the most renowned
A century of Earth, wind and fire : losses from fire are under control, but other forces of nature wread havoc with the bottom line
The fire that scorched the industry : an SM Best Co. special report on the San Francisco fire of 1906 chided insurers for not paying claims in full
Topping the charts : some of the leading insurance companies form the early years of the 20th century retain their dominance Hann, Leslie Werstein P. 79-86
From inkwells to the Internet : technology has reshaped the insurance industry in the past 100 years, it sill continue to be a driving force
Looking ahead : insurance professionals face myriad trends and economic factors that will change the way they do business this year
Mastering the game : insurers are up against new dormidable competitors with less to lose
Price it right : traditional methods of determining public-offering prices of converting insurers have generally not resulted in the best pricing for the companies, or their policyholders
Eyes on demutualización : regulatory, economic and marketplace dynamics are forcing property/casualty mutuals to take another look at demutualization
Redeploying capital : while insurers are sitting on piles of capital, new competitors are using their cash to redefine the risk market
Capital ideas : several capital-raising alternatives are available for small to midsized property/casualty insurers
All together now : insurers can suse enterprise risk management to balance the objectives of both policyholders and owners, enhancing the calue of the enterprise in the process
Postcards from the home front : the experience of mortgage securitization shows that the capital markets may not be as hungry for higher-risk insurance-backed securities
Strategic tax planning : the changing economic landscape presents opportunities for those well-versed in tax law