Best's Review-Número 9 104 2004

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Número: Número 9 104 2004

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Providing the personal touch
All-in-One technology
Something to smile about
The birth of a legendary building
The right equipment : out of necessity, pragmatism or opportunity, reinsurers are developing primary business with ready-made software
Software vendors drawn to reinsurance
Put your money where your growth is : strategic spending on IT in 2004 is necessary to prepare insurers for the next growth cycle. The question is : which strategy?
Standing the test of time : fifteen property/casualty insurers have managed a remarkable feat - maintaining a Best's Rating of A+ or higher for the past 50 years
Call to action : mergers, catastrophes, new laws and a Supreme Court ruling in 2003 shape the insurance landscape for 2004
California comp market flirts with chaos
Small cats total big losses in 2003
Economy spurs insurers to merge, acquire
Mergers realign industry lineup
High Court Rules on punitive damages
Blues' conversion not so easy anumore
Medicare overhaul bill passes
Credit scoring laws gain ground
Medical-liability reform stalls
Asbestos Bill still alive
Out on a limb : market conditions are making it more difficult for agents to obtain E&O coverage
Accentuating the possible : insurers look to 2004 with hopes for a more stable property/Casualty market, expectations for newly merged competitors in the life market and a multimarket awareness of the need to control healthcare costs
Making more of the middle : insight : insurers must apply a hybrid approach to succeed in a relatively untapped layer of the commercial market
Property/Casualty marketplace
A credible approach : insight : credit-based insurance scoring is an accurate tool that can expand business and keep it strong
Loss/Risk management notes
Moving : toward alignment : insight : a combination of strategy, process, organization and technology is key to unlocking the power of a company's information
Fulfilling : special needs : insurers are playing a critical role in helping families with children with special needs meet the emotional and financially challenging task of planning for the future
What is a special-needs trust?
Pulling it together : high-risk pools can manage HIPAA compliance costs by taking a step-by-step approach
How high-risk pools work
Life/Health marketplace
Making the foreign familiar : insight : insurers can reap great benefits by successfully cross-selling life products through property/Casualty agents and advisers
The IAS learning curve : insight : the imminent arrival of international accounting standards has profound business implications for insurers
Virus tops list of dangers : insurance technologists surveyed name the events most likely to stall operations
Transcending market cycles : insight : new technologies can help carriers with the underwriting process, thus freeing underwriters to pursue profitable growth and control risk exposure
E-volutionizing health insurance : technology is driving Humana's success as a health-plan leader and serving as a backbone in its approach to consumer-centric health care
The individualized approach