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Fraud among friends : some unscrupulous insurance agents break the bonds of trust and steal from policyholders and carriers
A new packaged deal : kasier permanente first applied the HMO concept on a wide-scale basis
Capturing control : since regulators made it easier for companies to use captives for employee benefits, US businesses are hoping the life/health business, like property/casualty, can be better controlled in a captive
Racing inflation : TIAA-CREF developed the variable annuity to help its pensioners when high inflation and low interest rates followed World War II
A caring proposition : CNA developed long-term-care insurance on the heels of the fledgling Medicare law
Team Primerica : Primerica Life Insurance Co.'s vibrant business with middle-income Americans defies the norm in today's life industry. An extra surprise is that co-CEOs head up its management
Could it happen here? : insight : the regulators' response to scandals in the mutual fund and insurance brokerage industries may hold some harsh lessons for life insurers
The power of parallel : insight : companies can achieve remarkable levels of growth by seeking to bring in line the interests of the customers with the interests of the company
Earning its name : progressive claims a number of "firsts", but it's best known today for pricing through risk segmentation
Brainstorming for Business : AIG's search for new risks worldwide often makes it the first to market a new insurance product
Weathering the results : months after suffering through a record four hurricanes, the Sunshine State's insurance industry continues to pick up the pieces
Frequency matters Musulin, Rade P. 68-71
Measuring up : insight : Baseball statistics are far superior to those commonly used to manage or evaluate corporations
Loss/Risk Management
Setting the pace : the costs of some key components in property/casualty claims are making slower strides in the race against inflation
Gearing for success : Insight : direct-response marketing has great opportunity to grow but must meet the challenge of managing change
Business as never before : court decision in 2004 are changing the way insurers work
Working up a suit : as more people sue the company they work for, employment practices liability insurance is becoming standard coverage
Continuing the Battle : insight : quantity of claims, not underlying merit, has become a driving force in asbestos bankruptcies
House of 1000 specialties : Swiss Re is a leader in identifying future risks and future opportunities
The hallmark of technology : renaissanceRe stands out among reinsurers for its innovative use of technology in underwriting, particulary when it involves catastrophe modeling
After the storms : homeowners deductibles and reinsurance raise questions in Florida
Pricing it right : insight : understanding the pricing of excess reinsurance can help underwriters place layered deals
Take a bearing : in 2005, insurers will allocate IT spending to projects that support development and growth to meet one of six business objectives
Strenghthening IT talent : insight : recruitment outsourcing increasingly is being used to obtain to quality IT candidates
Making strategy operational : to bring about effective change, insurers have to identify and control the true drivers of the business. A Balanced Scorecard approach can help