Best's Review-Tomo 111 Número 9 - 2011

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Publicação: Best's Review

Número: Tomo 111 Número 9 - 2011

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Crafting the message : marketing experts use multifaceted strategies to build insurancebrands Chordas, Lori
Against the wind Slavin, Al
Reeling in reform Chordas, Lori
New year, same story Pilla, David
Appealing situations Chordas, Lori
Calculating strategy : questions over the direction of the economy dog technology initiatives Slavin, Al
Set 'sale' with ocean marine : smaller clients in the import/export line no longer have to swim with the sharks DeSimone, Richard
Land of opportunities : all risks Ltd. and Rockshill Insurance angle programs toward the health care market Slavin, Al
Distressed commercial properties and the risks
Greener pastures : the insurance industry can capitalize
Starved for yield : a chief investment officer says the investment future belongs to those who take the long view
FASB, IASB mull final proposals : a single global standard for accounting could be at hand Stein, Robert
Reaching the affluent : companies with the highest average policy size have many traits in common Panko, Ron
A Slice of life can really help Schmidt, Channing
Legislation to regulation : insurance carriers and producers are working to influence how new federal laws will be implemented Panko, Ron
Ring around the collar : a financial fraud case evolves into a notable directors and officers court ruling Rutkin, Alan
Basic training : if treating customers is a simple as following the golden rule, why aren't companies better at it? Kusch, Jeffrey B.
Managing compliance risks in the global marketplace
Navigation system : carreiers are turning to claim business intelligence road maps to drive claims effectiveness and efficiency Saporito, Pat
Cloudy future : tight IT budgets are pressuring insurance industry CIOs to fuel more innovation Curran, Chris
The Next wave of employment liability
What we know and what we don't : things that we don't know about what we know, and why they matter Panning, William H.
Medical professional liability's fast-changing environment