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FullCover : seguros & risco-Número 12 - 2019 abril


Publicação: FullCover : seguros & risco

Número: Número 12 - 2019 abril

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Brian Duperreault [interview with AIG President & CEO] p. 8-21
Combinig forces p. 24-26
Argo Group : technology, talent, and tripartite relationships Harris, Matt p. 28-30
IRB : pioneering reinsurance in Brazil p. 32-35
Cyber risks within supply chains Signorelli, Mauro p. 40-41
Is cyber insurance relevant for my client yet? Dickson, David C. M. p. 42-44
Jayme Garfinkel in conversation with Jorge Luzzi p. 46-50
Health management dossier p. 53-85
White labelling : expertise and speed to market Silvestre, César p. 86-87
Thriving in the digital age Bellandi, Stefano p. 88-89
Risk Consulting Group : building its global reputation Luzzi, Jorge p. 94-96
Environmental liability in Angola Xicato, Mario p. 100-101
SUNU Group : leading the way in Africa p. 102-106
Trinity : Brokerslink Philippines p. 110-121
Unit-Linked dossier : dedicated life insurance solutions based on investment funds p. 133-143