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Asia insurance review-Número 7 - julio 2020


Publicação: Asia insurance review

Número: Número 7 - julio 2020

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Tropical cyclone pre-season activity forecast for 2020 Phillips, Henry p. 8
Indonesia : pandemic presents new reality to life Abbas, Ridwan p. 10
Japan : easing the burdens of COVID-19 Zaki, Ahmad p. 11
India : life insurance sees sharp decline in new business Khanna, Anoop p. 12
South Asia : surge in COVID-19 cases but no major impact on life insurers John, Jimmy p. 14-15
Group health insurance needs to be innovative Khanna, Anoop p. 16-17
Turbulent times expected for aviation industry in Asia Blakey, Tim p. 20-21
COVID-19 and aviation claim trends Kenway, Mark p. 22-23
Reinsurance : preparing for future pandemics Chen, John p. 26-27
Life insurers brace for bumpy road ahead Abbas, Ridwan p. 28
No unicorns in the InsurTech desert McNamara, Paul p. 32
Regulation for a stable market Sadiq, Amir p. 34-35
Reinsurers must improve their skills Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 36
Trade credit presents opportunities for insurers Davies, Nicholas p. 37
COVID-19 will bring in technology-enabled but simple insurance Khanna, Anoop p. 38-39
Rethinking insurance cover during pandemics Kwon, W. Jean p. 40-41
A Medium- to long-term approach to COVID-like events McCord, Michael p. 42-43
Coronavirus will catalyse innovation in insurance Khanna, Anoop p. 44
The Right communication strategy during the pandemic Khanna, Anoop p. 46-47
Australia : claims-handling trends post-coronavirus Bloxsome, Paul p. 48-49
Singapore : walking the talk for claims pay-outs Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 50-51
Hong Kong : travel insurance accounts for large part of COVID-19-related claims so far Abbas, Ridwan p. 52
Pandemic forces insurers to rethink social media engagement Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 54-55
Building flood resilience in a changing climate Golnaraghi, Maryam p. 56-57
Risk management in times of uncertainty Lightwood, Matthew p. 58-59
Technology to improve ESG disclosure Khanna, Anoop p. 60-61
China, survival in the 'longevity era' Liu Liang, Vincent p. 62-63
Tax insurance in M&A Lange, Martijn de p. 64-65
Cyber insurance could spike after pandemic Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 66-67