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Best's Review-Número 9 106 2006


Publicação: Best's Review

Número: Número 9 106 2006

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Don't Take It; It's Mine : Enforceable nonpiracy agreements protect the business interests of both agencies and agents
Going for 50 : Nationwide online producer licensing is just a few states away
Less is more opportunity. Mini-meds or limited-benefit health plans are fast becoming a standard product among carriers
Protection Support Kirova, Milka P. 29-30
Coming to a market near you : an effective, practical product disclosure and suitability framework could usher in a new environment for the industry and consumers
Get back to basics : at a time when sales of life insurance products should be soaring, the industry needs to take a good look at what consumers really want
A brand new approach : auto insurers are looking to various channels and a consistent message to brand their companies
Finding goodwill in the bad : in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, adjusters were tested to respond with fiscal responsibility without losing touch with their humanity
Turning the corner Mills, Howard P. 76-79
Making ERM happen : a few simple rules can empower champions of enterprise risk management to make it happen at their firms
Upgrading commercial lines. Are process enhancements without product design changes really just an empty shell?
Everything in its place. Litigation lifecycle management can streamline insurers¿ critical documents and give them greater control over the legal process
Insurance auditors and actuaries of North America Lafayette, John P. 29-30
Way out West : when a company is scammed, who pays the insurance?
Saved by the light : regulators and the industry hope that new disclosure requirements will eliminate shady finite reinsurance contracts and keep the product viable
Reinsurance Waltz. Hurricane Katrina, skepticism about modeling, and continuing state and federal investigations are giving annual reinsurance negotiations some new turns
Calling to the outside : for the first time, insurers' spending on external technology solutions is expected to outpace internal IT spending
Shifting IT success factors : organizational strategy is as important as the technology strategy