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Asia insurance review-Número 3 - marzo 2017

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Publicação: Asia insurance review

Número: Número 3 - marzo 2017

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Health insurance : focus on innovation and usage of data intelligently Breteau, Julien p. 30
Indian insurance : you reap what you sow in rural India! Khanna, Annop p. 32-33
Make reinsurance in India John, Jimmy p. 34-36
Autonomous vehicles : impact on future stability of motor insurance Zaki, Ahmad p. 38-41
Asia's ever-changing motor market trends Kuk, Victor p. 42-43
The Philippines insurance market : a market coming together Abbas, Ridwan p. 46-48
Leading a new charge to bring insurance to the people : [interview to] Mr. Dennis B. Funa, the Philippines' recently-appointed insurance regulator Abbas, Ridwan p. 50-51
Leveraging the power of mutual insurance in the Philippines Miow, Jasmine p. 52-53
A Thriving risk management scene in Philippines Natividad, Annacel p. 54-55
The Industry needs brokers : 5th anniversary of the Asia Insurance Brokers' Summit Wan Fen, Chia p. 56-57
Blockchain : tailor-made to revolutionise insurance Sutton, Jenny p. 58-59
A Gap not to big to be bridged : healthcare in Asia Khanna, Anoop p. 60-61
Harnessing technology to narrow the insurance protection gap : The Geneva Association Schanz, Kai-Uwe p. 62-63
Race for capital optimisation in Asia Tanaka, Mitsuhiro p. 64-65
Navigating uncertain times : marine insurance market Berg, Dieter p. 68-69
Tackling the challenges of cyber modelling : the uniqueness of cyber risks McMullan, Kirstin p. 70-71
Top five considerations for insurance technology in Myanmar Angelucci, Daniel p. 72-73
Using factor investing to enhance the Strategic Asset Allocation Sandhu, Paul p. 74-76
Global footprint of Asia's trailblazing insurers set to grow Freeman, Michael p. 78-79