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Número: Número 6 - junio 2017

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Luxembourg in the lead among Brexit movers p. 2
US industry split over CHOICE act p. 4
Multiple lines face cyber threat p. 5
Autonomous ships an emerging threat p. 6
UK election delays London insurance linked securities (ILS) proposals p. 8
Slo-mo cats and systemic cyber risk stalk the market Booth, Garry p. 9
London's emerging market share falls p. 10
On the road Munro, Christopher p. 11
Are facilities the future of insurance broking? Booth, Garry p. 12-14
Brazil faces D&O and construction disruption Hewitt Jones, John p. 16-18
CCRIF opts against renewing cat bond Munro, Christopher p. 19
Reactions unveils 2017 LatAm winners p. 20-23
Small but mighty in Miami Benyon, David p. 24-25
LatAm penetration "tip of the iceberg" - panel Benyon, David p. 26
Terra Brasis Re cat bond ''transformational'' for LatAm Munro, Christopher p. 27
LatAm renewables stymied by regulation Heusner, Michael p. 28-29
Innovation: from talking to doing p. 30-33
A year to reflect Munro, Christopher p. 34-35
The Reawakening of Devil's Isles Munro, Christopher p. 36-37
Cyber and terror's next top model Heusner, Michael p. 38-39
AIR unveils cyber aggregation tool Munro, Christopher p. 40
An International mindset Benyon, David p. 42-43
China Silk Road projects continue to reward risk taking Hewitt Jones, John p. 44-46
Yield hunters for hire Munro, Christopher p. 48-50
An Alternative future for insurance investments p. 52-53
Munis vs corporate bonds: a gradual shift p. 54-55
The Case for uncorrelated returns Kalbreier, Manuel p. 56-57
People moves p. 58-59