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FullCover : seguros & risco-Número 11 - 2018 abril

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Publicação: FullCover : seguros & risco

Número: Número 11 - 2018 abril

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Título Autor Páginas Conteúdo
London, The EU, and the world Hearn, Steve p. 56-57
A Brazilian rising star : Havan, a company ahead of its time p. 120-122
Mental illness in the workplace : a growing risk Evans-Lacko, Sara p. 124-125
Mozambique p. 127-140
EIB : brokerslink Poland p. 141-151
Brokerslink p. 153-163
Objetos digitales
MDS Group p. 167-180
Legal corner : 2018 brings new challenges Almeida, Pablo p. 184-185
"Insurers are the backbone of society: no large infraestructure project is possible without the involvement of insurers" : [interview to] Oliver Bäte, Allianz CEO p. 8-19
Anticipation is not solution : the world as we knew it Krishnadas, Devadas p. 20-22
The Sharing economy : a challenge for the insurance market Campos Carvalho, Joana p. 26-27
Digital capabilities : a revolution in the making Shaefer, Armin p. 28-29
Ageas Group : the new big player in the portuguese market p. 31-42
Aviation risks p. 85-111
EIOPA regulation for the future : [interview to] Gabriel Bernardino, chairman of EIOPA p. 117-119
FERMA, architects of the future : [interview to] Jorge Luzzi, president of FERMA Willaert, Johan p. 46-50
A Passion for compassion : [interview to] Ralph Mucerino, AIG president Legrand, Ernest p. 52-55