Bargain basement in the Baltic states

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Title: Bargain basement in the Baltic states / Duncan WoodAuthor: Wood, Duncan
Notes: Sumario: Scandinavian banks are set to become huge owners of Baltic real estate. A large proportion home loans in the region come from Nordic lenders and repossession are rising. Some banks are already making preparations to take over and service large numbers of homes. How will they manage this risk?Related records: En: Risk : risk management, derivatives, structured products. - Southwick, West Sussex : Incisive Financial Publishing, 2007- = ISSN 0952-8776. - 15/01/2010 Tomo 23 Número 1 - 2010 , p. 93-95Materia / lugar / evento: Mercados financieros Riesgo financiero Préstamos hipotecarios Inversiones extranjeras Gerencia de riesgos Europa del Este Other categories: 7
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