Internationalization in the reinsurance industry : an analysis of the net financial position of U.S. reinsurers

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24500‎$a‎Internationalization in the reinsurance industry‎$b‎: an analysis of the net financial position of U.S. reinsurers‎$c‎Cassandra R. Cole...[]
520  ‎$a‎In today's global marketplace, the extent of internationalization has become increasingly relevant. We use the framework of the eclectic paradigm to empirically investigate internationalization by U.S. reinsurers using the net financial position in foreign markets to proxy for the level of internationalization. Our sample includes both developed and developing nations to provide a more complete analysis of internationalization of U.S. reinsurers. We find that the factors related to reinsurers net financial positions vary based on the characteristics of the countries, the reinsurers, and the industry.
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7730 ‎$w‎MAP20077000727‎$t‎The Journal of risk and insurance‎$d‎Nueva York : The American Risk and Insurance Association, 1964-‎$x‎0022-4367‎$g‎03/12/2012 Volumen 79 Número 4 - diciembre 2012 , p. 897-930