Distorted Mix Method for constructing copulas with tail dependence

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24510‎$a‎Distorted Mix Method for constructing copulas with tail dependence‎$c‎Lujun Li, K.C. Yuen, Jingping Yang
520  ‎$a‎This paper introduces a method for constructing copula functions by combining the ideas of distortion and convex sum, named Distorted Mix Method. The method mixes different copulas with distorted margins to construct new copula functions, and it enables us to model the dependence structure of risks by handling the central and tail parts separately. By applying the method we can modify the tail dependence of a given copula to any desired level measured by tail dependence function and tail dependence coefficients of marginal distributions. As an application, a tight bound for asymptotic Value-at-Risk of order statistics is obtained by using the method. An empirical study shows that copulas constructed by this method fit the empirical data of SPX 500 Index and FTSE 100 Index very well in both central and tail parts.
7730 ‎$w‎MAP20077100574‎$t‎Insurance : mathematics and economics‎$d‎Oxford : Elsevier, 1990-‎$x‎0167-6687‎$g‎07/07/2014 Volumen 57 Número 1 - julio 2014
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