Agents of change

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Title: Agents of change

Notes: Sumario: In a world where millennials can use their mobile apps to hail a ride to the airport, chat with friends half way around the world, reserve a table for dinner at an exclusive restaurant an aplly for loan, the customer experience in insurance can seem both outdated and daunting. The rise of mobile banking and the lanunch of the new companies such as Lending Club and SoFi have transformed other parts of the financial services industry, but the insurance industry has remained largely unchanged. Trasnformation is coming though, and tha agents of change are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and insurance industry leaders, all of whom hope to find new and better ways to reach consumers as well as improve claims handling and underwriting. In our feature package, Agents of Change, we talk to some of the investors who are putting up the funds to back the startups, and we speak with some of the innovators behind those startups.

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