Global footprint of Asia's trailblazing insurers set to grow

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24510‎$a‎Global footprint of Asia's trailblazing insurers set to grow‎$c‎Michael Freeman, Magdalena Ramada
520  ‎$a‎The pace of growth of major multinational corporations (MNCs) in Asia Pacific is undeniable. Mr Michael Freeman and Ms Magdalena Ramada of Willis Towers Watson zero in on these Asian Trailblazers.
7730 ‎$w‎MAP20090003767‎$t‎Asia insurance review‎$d‎Singapore : Ins Communications Pte Ltd., 2009-‎$x‎0218-2696‎$g‎01/03/2017 Número 3 - marzo 2017 , p. 78-79