Sovereign risk financing and risk transfer schemes : a critical component of a comprehensive disaster risk managements strategy

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24510‎$a‎Sovereign risk financing and risk transfer schemes‎$b‎: a critical component of a comprehensive disaster risk managements strategy‎$c‎Maryam Golnaraghi
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520  ‎$a‎The Geneva Association, in collaboration with the Insurance Development Forum (IDF), has developed a document to provide governments with a framework for development of sovereign risk financing and risk transfer programmes as critical components of a comprehensive approach to disaster risk management. The document also offers a checklist for conducting the underpinning risk analysis to guide the design of such programmes. This effort is a response to a request from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) and is part of the document "Words into Action: Guideline on National Disaster Risk Assessment - Governance Systema, Methodologies, and Use of Result". Here is an excerpt taken from a Geneva Association / IDF publication.
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