Best's Review. june 2021

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<subfield code="a">Best's Review. june 2021</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Property/Casualty Carriers Invest in Bitcoin Services Company NYDIG -- New Directions in Asset Management and Policy Administration -- Insurers Scrambling to Switch Benchmarks Used for SettingShort-Term Interest Rates of Investments and Debt -- The (Opt) Ins and Outs of Embedded Finance -- U.S. Tax Changes Could Make Life Insurance More Popular -- Asset Managers See Rising Insurer Interest in Values-Based Investing -- Conference Organizers Say Live Events Could Resume in Fall -- New Trinidad & Tobago Insurance Rules Finally Implemented in 2021
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<subfield code="a">Mercado de seguros</subfield>
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<subfield code="a">Nuevas tecnologías</subfield>
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<subfield code="t">Best's Review</subfield>
<subfield code="d">New Jersey : A.M. Best Company, 1976-</subfield>
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<subfield code="g">01/06/2021 Volumen 122 Número 6 - junio 2021 , 82 p</subfield>