Best's Review. October 2021

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5050 ‎$a‎Cyberattacks: Insurers Defend Against Ransomware Battered by losses, cyber insurers have begun to work with the government and each other to mitigate losses and find solutions to an emerging threat. AM Best TV & Audio: ESG Can Be a Valuable Tool for Insurers, According to CSAA Insurance Group: Also, industry professionals discuss an increase in vaccine mandate claims, the use of AI to make intersections safer and ransomware. AM Best Webinars: AM Best Webinar Examines Value of Unique Data Sources: Professionals also discuss the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. mutuals and marketing strategy for growing specialty insurance revenue. App Store: App Helps Insurers Improve Patient Outcomes After Comp Claims Are Filed: The PeerWell app combines clinical expertise with technology to help manage workers' comp claims, providers say. At Large: Digitization of Insurance Industry Must Be Deployed Thoughtfully: Application Programming Interfaces are not a single-bullet solution that can simply be thrown at every problem. Auto Insurance: Maturing Auto Insurtech Segment Looks to Highlight Shopping Options, Education to Grow: AM Best: A positive outlook on innovation in the auto insurtech space is reinforced by a continued record-breaking flow of funding. Best's Rankings: Top 10 U.S. Multiperil Crop Insurers 2021 Edition: Insurers are ranked by 2020 market share. Best's Rankings: Top 10 U.S. Private Crop Insurers 2021 Edition: Insurers are ranked by 2020 market share. Best's Rankings: Top Auto Writers 2021 Edition: The writers are ranked by 2020 direct premiums written. Best's Rankings: U.S. Life/Health Assets Distribution 2021 Edition: Insurers ranked by 2020 total admitted assets. Best's Rankings: U.S. P/C Industry Top 20 Cyber Insurers 2021 Edition: Insurers were ranked by 2020 total standalone and packaged cybersecurity direct premiums written. Book Store: Author Details How to Build a Personal Brand in His Award-Winning Book: Dave Gordon also highlights the importance of taking personal responsibility for one's reputation and results. Corporate Changes: Mergers, Acquisitions, State Action and Name and Ownership Changes: Fremont Life and Motorists Mutual are among the U.S. life/health and property/casualty insurers that have experienced a corporate change. Crop Insurance: California Governor Signs Bill Expanding FAIR Plan to Farmers: The bill removes the existing statutory exclusion for farm risks, narrowing the exclusion to commercial agricultural commodities or livestock, or equipment used to cultivate or transport agricultural commodities or livestock. Cyber Insurance: Cyberattacks: Insurers Defend Against Ransomware: Battered by losses, cyber insurers have begun to work with the government and each other to mitigate losses and find solutions to an emerging threat. Cyber Insurance: New Ransomware Worry: Insurance Can Present Both Solutions and Problems for Cybersecurity: Insurance policies could be a guide for cybercriminals to determine how much to demand in ransomware attacks, said Erik Weinick, attorney and co-founder, Otterbourg P.C.'s Privacy & Cybersecurity practice. Executive Changes: Willis Towers Watson Names Carl Hess to Succeed John Haley as President and Chief Executive Officer: Also, Lloyd's appoints first woman deputy chair and the Bermuda Monetary Authority welcomes a new chairman this month. From the Editor's Desk: Ransomware Attacks Escalate, Push Cyber Insurers To Respond: The October issue also focuses on the auto insurtech sector and includes AM Best's exclusive rankings of the top auto writers. In the News: Regulatory Update: Texas Auto Insurance Bill; Michigan Health Ministry Action: Texas auto insurers are dealing with impactful changes and regulators are taking action against a Michigan health ministry. In the News: Trade Group: Germany Faces Highest Natural Cat Losses: Flooding and devastating hail storms probably will make 2021 the year with the highest natural hazard losses for German insurers in at least 50 years. Industry Updates: AM Best Panel: Global Reinsurance Industry Strong Despite Growing Risks: Balancing the industry's solid financial position is a higher incidence of secondary perils that by definition are less well understood and are more difficult to price and to model. Industry Updates: AM Best: Sept. 11 Attacks Changed the World's Perception of Risk: More also has been put on the insurers through the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program. Every time it's been renewed, more exposures have been put back to the insurers, said AM Best's Christopher Graham. Industry Updates: Prudential Plc Completes Jackson National Demerger, Set to Sell Down Stake in Coming Year: The development means Jackson Financial Inc., a U.S. retirement services provider, is now an independent company. Insurance Marketing: Agents Turn to Search Engines and Customer Reviews to Bolster Digital Footprint: The rise of online insurance sales created by COVID-19 has agents looking for new ways to build their online and digital presence. Life Insurance: Locking the Treasure Chest Becomes More Popular Amid COVID-19, Tax Changes: The COVID-19 pandemic and a looming lowering of the estate-tax exemption, paired with potentially further reductions and increases discussed in Washington, D.C., have cast a light on the role of irrevocable trusts as part of a life insurance and estate plan. Photo Essay: Browse the Shelves of The Insurance Library, Embrace Industry's Unique History: The Insurance Library celebrates its special role as a centralizing hub for the insurance industry and risk management. Risk Adviser: Litigation Trends Could Set D&O Market on Stormy Course: Derivative litigation continues to be one of the major exposures for directors and officers insurance. The Last Word: Live Entertainment Returns but With Some Big Insurance Changes Due to COVID-19: Insurers are having to adapt to changes created by COVID-19, including the addition of communicable disease limitations to policies. Trending: Best's Research: Trending Research: Report on the Impact of ESG Factors on AM Best Ratings: Other trending research includes reports on wildfires, captives and trade credit insurers. Web Traffic: Web Traffic: Visits to US Private Passenger Auto Writers: USAA and Progressive lead web analytics provider Semrush's ranking of the top 10 US Private Passenger Auto Writers based on direct premiums written. What AM Best Says: AM Best: COVID-19 Pandemic Served Effectively as the Caribbean's Major Catastrophe in 2020': The International Monetary Fund estimates that, in aggregate, tourism-dependent countries' GDP contracted by almost 10% last year due to curtailed international travel.
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7730 ‎$w‎MAP20077100109‎$g‎11/10/2021 Volumen 122 Número 10 - octubre 2021 , 85 p.‎$x‎1527-5914‎$t‎Best's Review‎$d‎New Jersey : A.M. Best Company, 1976-