Best's Review. November 2021

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Best's Review. November 2021
AM Best TV & Audio: Everest Re CEO: Companies Investing in Data and Analytics Can Identify Profitable Niches: Also, industry professionals discuss the U.S. life insurance protection gap and the rise of indemnity claims during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AM Best Webinars: Panelists Examine the Relationship Between Next-Gen Telematics and Vehicle Build Data: Professionals also discuss underwriting trends in the cyber and property markets as well as active risk management programs.

App Store: App Helps Keep Work Environments Safe From COVID-19: Safe2Work can help overworked HR departments wade through the COVID-19 crisis, the app's creators say.

Best's Rankings: U.S. Life/Health - Industry 2020 Investment Returns - 2021 Edition: Total pre-tax investment returns are provided.

Best's Rankings: Top 50 U.S. Workers' Compensation Insurers - 2021 Edition: Insurers were ranked by 2020 direct premiums written.

Best's Rankings: U.S. Homeowners Multiple Peril - 2020 Top Writers - 2021 Edition: Writers were ranked by 2020 direct premiums written.

Best's Rankings: U.S. Homeowners Multiple Peril - Top Writers by State, Canada and U.S. Territories - 2021 Edition: Writers were ranked by 2020 direct premiums written.

Best's Rankings: U.S. Life/Health - Top 25 Insurers' 2020 Investment Returns - 2021 Edition: Insurers are ranked by 2020 total admitted assets.

Best's Rankings: U.S. Property/Casualty - 2020 Asset Distribution - 2021 Edition: Insurers ranked by 2020 total admitted assets.

Book Store: New Book Chronicles the History of Insurers' Role in the Rise of the US: Author offers a look at how insurers supported the expansion of American maritime expertise and economic development.

Corporate Changes: Acquisitions, Name and Ownership Changes and State Action: Spartan Plan VA, Fidelity Mohawk and Wilson Mutual are among the U.S. life/health and property/casualty insurers that have experienced a corporate change.

Emerging Risks: Public-Private Partnerships Bring Solutions to Covering Emerging Risks Worldwide: Novel classes of risk on the horizon could create a situation that is just too large for the insurance industry to handle on its own. Partnerships between the public and private sectors, such as those in Florida and California, could step in as needed to fill any gaps.

Executive Changes: Insurtech Wefox Hires Former Zurich International Chief Executive Officer as Chief Insurance Officer: Also, Buckle appoints first chief people officer and new European Insurance Advisory Board chairperson begins five-year term.

From the Editor's Desk: The Many Facets of Diversity & Inclusion: The November issue also includes coverage of the homeowners insurtech sector, AM Best's exclusive ranking of homeowners insurers and an excerpt from an AM Best report on three early stage health insurers.

Health Insurance: Public Equity Markets a Capital Lifeline for Three Early Stage Health Insurers: AM Best: All three companies have expanded rapidly in recent years. The five-year annual compounded membership growth rate was 48% for Oscar and 52% for Clover; the annual compounded growth rate for Bright Health was 165% over its three most recent years of operation.

Homeowners Insurance: Homeowners Insurtech Segment Expands Lines, Forms Partnerships, Adds Services: This sector is adding term life, pet insurance and e-scooter coverage to its array of products.

Industry Updates: Panel: Cyber Insurers Must Be Agile in a Market in Its Infancy: Pricing, lack of historical data and capacity are many of the challenges cyber writers are facing.

Industry Updates: UK Regulator Launches Investigation Into Gallagher/Willis Re Deal: Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. said CMA's move is part of the usual regulatory oversight for any significant acquisition.

Insurance Law: The Brokers' Defense Dilemma: To Be or Not to Be a Specialist?: One expert says brokers should provide clients with adviceand then defend themselves in court as experts if they are faced with an errors & omissions claim.

Insurance Marketing: Insurers Up Their Game to Expand Their Brands By Partnering With Sports Teams: Aflac teamed up with two football legends to talk about its mission, and Gainbridge's name is now part of two basketball teams' home arena.

Life Insurance: Life Insurance Sales Are Up, But for How Long?: Life insurers posted their biggest sales gain since 1983 during the first half of 2021, as they hoped to leave behind a year marked by uncertainty caused by the pandemic. But is it a one-off gain or the beginning of a sustained trend for an industry that was fighting the low-for-long interest rate environment even before a novel disease upended life as we know it?

Regulatory/Law: After Record Wildfire Seasons, Insurers Now Feeling the Heat: Homeowners insurers in California are bound by the state's far-reaching and retroactive rules regarding policy non-renewals and cancellations.

Risk Adviser: The Fallout of High-Value Verdicts: Jury awards have gotten out of hand. Insurers and their corporate customers need to pressure legislators to rein in nuclear verdicts.

The Last Word: Space Invaders: Recent Private Spaceflights Have Insurers Eyeing New Coverages: The anticipated rise of space tourism and several billionaires' recent ventures into space have insurers examining products that for the first time would offer bodily injury coverage to spaceflight travelers.

The Many Facets of D&I: Advancing Technology Exposes Insurers to Bias Risk: Certain data, such as credit scores, are considered inherently biased and can have unintended consequences, according to a panel of industry leaders and analysts.

The Many Facets of D&I: Best Practices for Building a Diverse and Inclusive Insurance Workforce: Insurers are implementing companywide initiatives, employee resource groups, recruiting and internship programs and community outreach to create a diverse, inclusive workplace culture and heterogeneous workforce.

The Many Facets of D&I: How Insurers Profit by Serving a Diverse and Inclusive Customer Base: Insurers say they're working to reach consumers of all backgrounds now that social change is driving opportunity.

Trending: Best's Research: Trending Research Includes Reports on Global Reinsurance, Captives: AM Best also issues a report on U.S. property/casualty mutuals and comments on six-month 2021 results for property/casualty and life/annuity.

Web Traffic: Web Traffic: Visits to US Homeowners Multiple Peril Writers: USAA and Progressive lead web analytics provider Semrush's ranking of the top U.S. Homeowners Multiple Peril Writers based on 2020 direct premiums written.

What AM Best Says: AM Best: Total Dedicated Reinsurance Capacity Increased Sharply in 2020: The 7% increase is wholly attributable to the rises in traditional reinsurance capital.

Workers' Compensation Insurance: AmTrust: Among Artisan Contractors, Plumbers Account for Most Workers' Comp Claims: The company's workers' comp report also found while older workers have a lower frequency of claims, their injuries are more severe