Bermuda 2011 market update

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Título: Bermuda 2011 market update / Brian C. Schneider, Christopher A. Grimes, Chris Waterman
Notas: Sumario: The Bermuda (re)insurance market remains strong with 2010 results expected to be favorable, capping five consecutive years of operating success since the significant losses in 2005 due to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Nevertheless, challenges exist as Bermuda continues to deal with both internal and external issues, including regulatory changes, tax status threats, competition from other jurisdictions, soft market cycle management of capital and earnings, and weak global macroeconomic conditions. Specific topics discussed in this report include: key Issues affecting the Bermuda (re)insurance market in 2011, factors that could put upward or downward pressure on ratings, the market's 2010 financial performance
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