Measurement of mortality

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24510‎$a‎Measurement of mortality‎$c‎Harry Gershenson
260  ‎$a‎Chicago‎$b‎Society Of Actuaries‎$c‎1961
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520  ‎$a‎The measurement of mortality, particularly the determination of exposure to risk, is probably the most basic aspect of actuarial science since correct mortality rates must be derived from observed data before premiums, reserves, dividends, or even underwriting rules can be pro duced. For the student, however, exposure formulas have frequently appeared to be surrounded by an aura of obscurity and difficulty, dispelled only by considerable study and analysis of papers written by experts for others who are, themselves, already experts. In order to assist the student in achieving an understanding of the fundamental theory of exposure so that he would be able to develop for himself whatever formulas he may need in practice, the Society of Actuaries asked Mr. Harry Gershenson to prepare a textbook on this important subject. Mr. Gershenson, a Fellow of the Society who is active in the con sulting field, has been teaching actuarial mathematics to students taking courses sponsored by the Actuaries' Club of New York. In his presenta tion of the material in this monograph, he has combined a sound theoreti cal understanding of the subject with an effective pedagogical approach, as illustrated in his use of the toll road concept to explain exposure formulas. The Board of Governors and the Education and Examination Committee of the Society are deeply grateful to Mr. Gershenson for the amount of effort he has devoted to a work which will materially further the education of future generations of actuaries.
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