REACTIONS Número 2 - febrero 2018
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Número 2 - febrero 2018



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AIG agrees validus adquisition Munro, Christopher p. 12-13
Forming an orderly queue : reinsurance renewal Munro, Christopher p. 14-15
Risk perception rises on a global scale Heusner, Michael p. 16-17
National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) aims to modernise Heusner, Michael p. 18-19
Tide turns in favour of European captive centres Booth, Garry p. 20-21
Wildfires losses continue to mount Heusner, Michael p. 28-29
Short-term pain but long-term gain Heusner, Michael p. 30-31
Navigators forges ahead in Europe despite turmoil Heusner, Michael p. 32-33
Record cat year as climate change amps up losses Booth, Garry p. 34-35
Regrouping after a disruptive year : [interview to] Kathleen Reardon, CEO of Hamilton's reinsurance business Munro, Christopher p. 40-41
Alt cap growth blows past Q4 roadblocks Heusner, Michael p. 42-43
London puts faith y ILS legislation to stay on top Booth, Garry p. 44-45
Opportunities abound for alt cap investors Heusner, Michael p. 54-55
Reinsuring the rising dragon Hewitt Jones, John p. 58-59
The Mutual marine protection and indemnity (P&I) market gears up for renewal Munro, Christopher p. 60-62
XL sees opportunity in sluggish cyber market : [interview to] John Coletti, XL Catlin Heusner, Michael p. 66-67
I spy with my vivid-i : InsurTech Booth, Garry p. 11
Bermuda : creating a lasting legacy Munro, Christopher p. 24-26
Learning from the masters : [interview to] Dinos Iordanou St John's Insurance Leader of the Year Munro, Christopher p. 36-38
International Group enjoys reduced renewal Munro, Christopher p. 63-64