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Publicacion: Ergonomics : the international journal of research and practice in human factors and ergonomics

Volumen 57 Número 12 - diciembre 2014



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Mapping ergonomics application to improve SMEs working condition in industrially developing countries : a critical review Hermawati, Setia
Drivers' communicative interactions : on-road observations and modelling for integration in future automation systems Portouli, Evangelia
Speech intelligibility and speech quality of modified loudspeaker announcements examined in a simulated aircraft cabin Pennig, Sibylle
Attentional costs and failures in air traffic control notifications
Decision-making and response strategies in interaction with alarms : the impact of alarm reliability, availability of alarm validity information and workload Manzey, Dietrich
Validity of the modified RULA for computer workers and reliability of one observation compared to six
Ergonomic evaluation of a wearable assistive device for overhead work
Effects of work experience on fatigue-induced biomechanical changes during repetitive asymmetric lifts/lowers Lee, Jungyong
Comparison of measured and self-reported anthropometric information among firefighters : implications and applications
Psychophysiological responses in experienced firefighters undertaking repeated self-contained breathing apparatus tasks
Assessment of otolith function using cervical and ocular vestibular evoked myogenic potentials in individuals with motion sickness Kumar Singh, Niraj
Duration of slip-resistant shoe usage and the rate of slipping in limited-service restaurants : results from a prospective and crossover study
Effects of mental fatigue on biomechanics of slips Ling Lew, Fui