Asia insurance review-Número 8 - agosto 2020

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Publicación: Asia insurance review

Número: Número 8 - agosto 2020

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True digital health Zaki, Ahmad p. 12
The Agriculture sector needs an insurance umbrella Chatterjee, Arup p. 14-15
Simplifying motor insurance through innovation John, Jimmy p. 16
Health check for general insurers post-COVID-19 Khanna, Anoop p. 17
Are cyclones the new 'kryptonite' for Australia? Feldmann, Stefan p. 18-19
Accelerating motor claims with AI Hameed, Ahmed p. 20
Keeping up with changes and finding long-term solutions Sadiq, Amir p. 22
Forecasting the future, preparing for change McNamara, Paul p. 24-25
Overseas growth provides quality diversification Abbas, Ridwan p. 26-27
Insurance resilience in post-pandemic Korea Hauer, Michael p. 28
An Uphill battle for life insurers Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 30-31
Serving a world in quarantine Zaki, Ahmad p. 32
APAC insurers stand strong, but need to stay vigilant Sadiq, Amir p. 33
How 19 affects 17 Zaki, Ahmad p. 34-35
A Defining moment for InsurTech Sadiq, Amir p. 36
Policy evolution post-COVID-19 Khanna, Anoop p. 38-39
'Back to office' strategies of APAC insurers Chakraborty, Ranamita p. 40-41
Mitigating work-from-home employee liability risks Mossfield, Vince p. 42-43
South Asia : getting back to work John, Jimmy p. 44-45
Is Asia immune to BI drama? Sadiq, Amir p. 46-47
Sometimes you kick, sometimes you get kicked McNamara, Paul p. 48-49
Legal and economic issues of InsurTech Courbage, Christophe p. 50-51
Tackling the opportunity risk Zaki, Ahmad p. 52-53
Reinsurance in the time of COVID-19 Gallagher, Tony p. 54-55
Reshaping the 'big health' industry Liu Liang, Vincent p. 56-57
Flood claims to increase pressure on insurers Zaki, Ahmad p. 59
COVID-19 challenges and other evolving risks Sadiq, Amir p. 60-61
Prepare for post pandemic or perish Khanna, Anoop p. 62-63
InsurTechs can ride out the pandemic storm Khanna, Anoop p. 64-65